Why House Builders Choose Wellington As A City To Build New Homes

Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand, and a city quite unlike any other in the country. Full with a diverse mix of people and culture it is a true melting pot and exactly the kind of city that attracts new immigrants daily. As a result, Wellington frequently has stunning new homes being built throughout the city and its suburbs. This article describes the attraction of Wellington as a place to live, and why house builders choose Wellington as a place to build.

A Cosmopolitan City

Wellington is often described as both a vibrant and a cosmopolitan city. Home to many migrants from all around the country and from around the world, it has a fantastic mix of customs and cultures such as native Maori, European, Greek, Middle Eastern and Asian. This has resulted in a vibrant café, bar and restaurant culture, diverse shopping and some fantastic cultural events spread throughout the year.

Many of these people are attracted to the creative and educational opportunities in the city including three world ranked Universities and three Institutes of Technology. Wellington also attracts people interested in science and the arts, and given its global position as a capital city, entrepreneurs and small business thrive in this small connected city. Combine this with stimulating places to work, such as national government offices and global corporations, and you have a fantastic setting for individuals and families to thrive and prosper.

A Safe City

Partly due to its compact size, Wellington feels like a very safe city compared to other capitals around the globe. The main city centre looks over a picturesque harbour, with easy to navigate streets leading you from the harbour to cafes and restaurants, through Lambton Quay and onto Parliament and its famous ‘beehive’ building.

For both residents and tourists it is simple to move around the city. Meetings and networking opportunities are easily held in local eateries, hotels, parks and down by the harbour. As a result there is a real sense of community in the city and a feeling of connectedness amongst the residents and workforce.

Residents also enjoy the public transport that is available for commuting, including buses, trains and an international airport only a short distance from the centre of town. These transport options provide the same benefits that larger cities have, but with less frustration due to the smaller distances and lesser commute time.

Wellington also frequently rates high in quality of life surveys, which is a good indicator of how the residents feel about their city.


Wellington central is small area, compact because of its geographical position between the ocean and the surrounding hills. The surrounding suburbs sprawl over the hills and along the coastline, providing some amazing locations to build a new home.

About 30% of the population commute to the city centre, and thanks to excellent public transport infrastructure their daily commute times are often half an hour or less.

When you arrive in the city you will see large modern homes looking out from the hills, and fantastic apartments and town houses all taking advantage of the stunning coastal scenery. The steep hills and coastal environment allows for all types of housing and this seems to be part of the attraction for house builders in Wellington.

Many homes are situated on steep and narrow streets, and most are two-storey homes to take advantage of the views. In the newer suburbs you will find beautiful landscaped subdivisions with large sections and easy access to main roads and highways. Unlike older houses in Wellington, new homes are often large and functional with outdoor entertaining areas able to be used in all the weather conditions that Wellington can have. You will also find that even with new houses many people choose to build classic weatherboard homes similar to the style of older homes in the city. These weatherboard homes are in character with Wellington and its past, and keep the city looking attractive.

A cosmopolitan, safe and well located city with dramatic hillside locations, coastal and bush clad properties, no wonder house builders find Wellington both a challenging and rewarding place to work.

Source by Paul C Clarke

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