Which Is The Cleanest City In The World

Forbes says there are 25 clean cities in the world. Do you want to know which is the cleanest city in the world? Also, it seems that 23 are located above the Equator and only 2 namely Auckland and Wellington are below it.

Forbes has published this information about these cities:

* It is assumed that the North of the world is cleaner than the South

* Clean Cities are Democratic and Industrialized

* There is only one clean city in Asia located in Japan

* There are no clean cities in Africa, Australia, and South or Central America

* Canada and US have 5 clean cities, Europe has 11, Japan has 3

* Thirteen Countries have the clean cities

* The countries have purchasing power

Can we associate being clean to being well off? According to the World Bank, except New Zealand, all other clean countries are super swanking rich. Does this indicate that you have to be rich to be considered on the Clean country list?

Excellent infrastructure, good planning, sanitation, energy production, recycling, these are some of the key points considered when a city is being considered for the cleanest city in the world title.

Here is a run down of the 25 cleanest cities in the world

Let’s get started.

#1 Calgary, Canada, #2 Honolulu, #3 Helsinki, Finland, #4 Ottawa, Canada, #5 Minneapolis, #6 (Tie) Oslo, Norway, #6 (Tie) Stockholm, Sweden, #6 (Tie) Zurich, Switzerland, #9 Katsuyama, Japan, #10 (Tie) Bern, Switzerland, #10 (Tie) Montreal, #10 (Tie) Vancouver, Canada, #10 (Tie) Boston, #10 (Tie) Lexington, Ky., #10 (Tie) Pittsburgh, #10 (Tie) Nurnberg, Germany, #10 (Tie) Geneva, #18 Auckland, New Zealand, #18 (Tie) Wellington, New Zealand, #20 Dublin, Ireland #21 (Tie) Amsterdam, the Netherlands, #21 (Tie) Toronto, #23 Lyon, France, #24 Copenhagen, Denmark, #25 (Tie) Kobe, Japan, #25 (Tie) Omuta, Japan

Mercer Human Resources Consulting has pulled the figures for the cleanest cities from 300 cities around the world. While you would expect population size or country size to be a major factor in considering whether a city is clean or not, surprisingly it doesn’t seem to be a factor. The major key indicators are education, how hi tech the city is, whether it houses major International companies.

Source by Rusty Mcmillan

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