Wellington – New Zealand's Film Capital

People who visit New Zealand often have a keen interest in the country's nature, culture and lifestyle. We're known as a green and beautiful center of adventure and ecotourism but, recently, we've been thrust into the spotlight for our innovation and success in film and media.

A little country home to some big names …

Peter Jackson, Geoff Murphy and Lee Tamahori are all award winning New Zealand directors who have made it big across the globe while studios like Weta Workshops are internationally known for their talents in CGI, special FX and costumes. Our country is full of innovators and we're proud of our status as world leaders.

Film in the Capital

New Zealand's capital city Wellington, known as "the coolest little film capital in the world" has taken the stage several times, hosting the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King world premiere in 2003, offering tours of movie sets and housing studios like Weta Workshop. With just over 700 Wellington businesses having some sort of connection with the feature film industry, Wellington's film industry is booming and generated just under $ 500 million in 2011, a huge increase on the $ 252 million that it was responsible for in 2008.

With first of The Hobbit films just around the corner at the end of the year, the city is again geared up for the buzz and excitment. Miramar, the city's film suburb and home to several multi-million dollar studios built by Peter Jackson, Sir Richard Taylor and Jamie Selkirk as well as Weta Workshops, is a focal point for tourists with a number of restaurants and vintage cinemas popping up to take advantage of the popularity.

Filming of the Hobbit has been taking place over the past year in the city with the stars of the film spending a lot of time in New Zealand's capital. Film enthusiasts from all over the world are looking to see the country for themselves and Wellington is the best place to start.

Planning a Visit …?

Because now is a great time. Wellington is incredibly excited about The Hobbit and other projects and every part of the city is showing off its best to visitors. Check out film suburb Miramar, check out Weta Workshops and see a flick in the 1930s-styled Roxy Cinema. Everything film alongside staple attractions like Te Papa and the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary makes the capital the hottest destination in the country.

Source by Maria Mouroukis

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