Wanganui, New Zealand – Great Rural Town

Wanganui, also known as River City, is one of the most beautiful towns in New Zealand. It boasts numerous gardens in bloom all year round. It has quaint, cozy cafés where tourists can enjoy the warm sun and cool breeze. Wanganui is located 2 hours north of Wellington, New Zealand's capital city. Victoria Ave is Wanganui's main street. It has characteristic Victorian architecture, wonderful flower baskets hanging in front of stores. A stroll along the main street would make you feel like you went back in time. Wanganui is one of New Zealand's cultural centers. The famous Sergeant Gallery and Wanganui Opera House are a must-see. I most admire the wonderful Winter Gardens and the Bason Botanical Reserve where families can commune with nature. The city has a long coastal beach, Castellcliff. It has black fine sand.

Although mostly considered a retirees' town, Wanganui is perfect for families with growing children. Wanganui has several colleges and schools of design. This city has its own port and railway line. It's a wonderful place to shop for low-cost vegetables, fish and meat. Every Sunday, farmers and home entrepreneurs gather around the river to participate in the weekly River Market. New residents of this rural town will have a lot to do after week. New Zealanders love outdoor activities and this town has a lot to offer. You can join several water sports clubs like kayaking, sailing and fishing. If you like ball sports, you can join tennis, squash or badminton. Wanganui has its own Splash center. If you are interested in visiting New Zealand, stop by this wonderful town.

Source by Lei Sheldon

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