Travel Tips to New Zealand

I have been previously staying in New Zealand over the last 2 and half years and I have to admit it's a delightful country in terms of the folks as well as the tidy green natural assets which still remain right until today. If you are planning a holiday here, here are a few things that you'll really need to have prepared.

New Zealand is a 4 season country. The north island is a lot warmer compared to the South. Always bring additional clothing and jackets.

New Zealand comes with an unpredictable unusual weather. It could be sunny when you're having your lunch and when you're wandering out from the restaurant, it started pouring! The weather conditions in New Zealand's much like a women's mind they said! Bring rain jackets or waterproof jackets to you, affordable umbrellas are useless because the wind are strong and I've given up on umbrellas after 2 were destructed because of the wind! Imagine that! Over the time, I've learned to check the weather daily using the webpage

Driving your car
Driving a car is legal in New Zealand if you're holding a valid driver license from your country for the first 1 year visit to New Zealand. After that period, you'll need to get a New Zealand driver license. The mileage between cities and other destinations of interest may take long hours of traveling as some of the roads will be hilly and narrow that you'll need to be really careful. I would suggest you to prepare some self driving time so that you get to really enjoy New Zealand's landscape which are exciting. Try to look for brown and green signboard as these are the scenic stop. Also, it is not surprising if you ever stuck on a few possum or even known as the road bumper here. During winter, many of driveways can be slippery so always be aware of the signs relating to the roads condition.

Look for a large i logo or i-site because they are visitors centers to help with your issues and coordinate your desired trip for reservations your accommodation, sightseeing attractions to transport. Their services are free and frequently you will definitely get a cheaper price from booking through them.

Depends upon the places where you are going, you will see many fish and chips within New Zealand. Excellent steaks and lambs are pretty common too. Along with fastfood like Burger King, Dominos, Mc Donald, Subway etc where you can find easily in the major towns for example Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North, Rotoroa, .. you will discover a huge variety of delicacies from Japanese, Korean, Chinese , Indian, Italian, Mexicon, Malay and various restaurants and cafe. A quick lunch break in most cases cost NZD 8- NZD 12, and a fine dine out in a restaurant will definitely cost about NZD 20- NZD 40. Unsure where to go? Read this site http://www.menumania.co.nz for highly recommended restaurants in New Zealand. Also, restaurants here are rated based on the overall cleanliness and hygiene levels, from grade ABC D.

Sports gear
Sun screen and Mosquito repellent is necessary if you're traveling from September – May. As New Zealand are highly exposures to the strong sun ray. Here we have a lot of well reserve forest walk, waterfall and nature caves. If you're considering some bush or boat tour, bringing a good pair of sport footwear, supplementary clothing, mineral water supplies, raincoat, and digital camera you may possibly see a kiwi if you're really lucky!

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