Touring the Classic Town of Luton, Bedfordshire, England

If you’re eager to sightsee through an ideal large town in one of England’s several counties, Luton will more than ably fill the bill. Sitting within the county of Bedfordshire, this town has a combined population of over two-hundred and thirty thousand people, taking into account the neighboring municipalities of Dunstable and also Houghton Regis. Luton itself is home to the University of Bedfordshire.

The county of which Luton is a part lies within the East of England region (East England), and is only about thirty miles north of the city London, making it a ‘bedroom community’ of the city, and a point to which many in Luton and its county commute.

As in many parts of this English region, there are archeological findings showing the presence of humans going back a quarter-of-a-million years. Actual recorded history in the area shows organized populations as far back as the 6th century BC. Luton has a varied and interesting past. There’s a fine example of 12th century Catholic religious architecture, St. Mary’s Church, that lies within its borders.

Luton has gone through many different types of industry throughout the centuries. Today, there’s a major effort afoot to completely rehabilitate older, but still classic, buildings and equip many of them with more modern conveniences. There’s a great deal of historic architecture in the town, and though it could be called a “working-class town,” there’s much to see and do.

Bedfordshire, the shire county in which Luton is sited, is home to numerous landmarks and tourist attractions, including 10th century Bedford Castle and 15th century Someries Castle. It has a total population of around six-hundred thousand people. Famous people who hail from the region include Paula Radcliffe, world champion marathoner, and the late Arthur Hailey, who authored numerous fiction novels, including Airport and The Moneychangers.

Luton is a bustling, go-go example of towns in England which have continued to adapt and thrive throughout history. Once a center of heavy industry, it’s currently undergoing planned renewal to carry it well into the 21st century.

Source by Simon Haughtone

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