The Wellington Polls group is about discovering the best of…

The Wellington Polls group is about discovering the best of Wellington’s places, products and services according to the people of this city.

Maybe you will uncover a hidden gem. Maybe you will help someone else discover one πŸ™‚

I’ve started a few polls to get the page going so please vote in them if you have an opinion on their subject matter.

Feel free to create your own poll around your interests and/or needs. Maybe you need to uncover the best car repairs garage or best daycare option for your child. You might want to know a great first date venue or even the best wedding venue. Or maybe you just want the best burger in town!

Please keep your poll relevant and avoid jokey or negative polls. These will be removed.

This group is not intended for general conversation and comment threads. There are plenty of interest-based Wellington Facebook groups and pages catering for that. Let’s just stick with polls.

Please invite your friends to the page too because the more people that add their opinions to the polls, the more accurate they will be.

Thanks in advance for your participation

Let’s get polling!

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