The Top 3 Things to Do in Wellington

Creating a list of the top 3 things to do in Wellington was not any easy task. We could not only rely on our own experiences but also the experiences of local residences as well as other travelers.

Naturally not everyone answers the same. But after a few weeks question both locals and tourists it became quite clear what our top 3 were going to be. It is our hope you will have as much fun experiencing them as we did.

Things to do in Wellington number 1

Te Papa Museum was really a no-brainer. Almost everyone agreements that Te Papa Museum is the number one thing to do in Wellington. Even if you are not a huge Museum fan do not leave Wellington before giving Te Papa a go.

This Museum is right in the city center and has five incredible collections covering Art, Maori, History, Pacific, and Natural Environment.

Most the museum is free to visit which includes the Museum's most talked about exhibit. A half ton, 33ft (10m) long colossal squid! It is the largest of its kind on display in the world.

Things to do in Wellington number 2

The Wellington Cable Car gives one of the best tours of the city. It is one of the city's oldest attractions and is still going strong today. It starts in Lambton Quay in the city center and finishes up the top of Upland Road where you have an incredible view right over the city.

It is great value with NZ $ 3.5 for a one way and 6 for a return ticket. Our advice is to buy a one way ticket up and then walk slowly back through the botanic gardens.

Things to do in Wellington number 3

Courtenay Place is where Wellington goes out. It never sleeps and it is one of the most happening parts of the city. Here you will find restaurants, bars, cafés and night clubs. If you want a great meal with great New Zealand wine or beer you will find a huge range of restaurants ready to serve you.

Wellington is known for its great food and entertainment so make sure you pay a visit or two to Courtenay Place .

Source by Phillip English

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