The Multi-orgasmic Man – Fact Or Fiction?

The ancient Chinese discovered that ejaculation and orgasm are distinct. These has also been confirmed by Western doctors. When you ejaculate, you release a hormone called prolactin and this makes you tired and makes your pillow more attractive than the perky breasts right next to you. The trick is to turn off your ejaculation reflex and and have orgasms up your spine, into your brain and then through your entire body.

What if you were a multi-orgasmic man? You would go all night long and have as many orgasms as you want. Your ideal woman will be screaming out your name all night long. Go easy on your her though. Because she might get a sore throat.

But, the best thing about being a multi-orgasmic man is sex transmutation. You convert your sexual energy into creative energy which can be used to make a successful business. This was reported in "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleonan Hill. Hill stated that the most powerful energy is sexual energy and you should use this energy to charge up your thoughts and focus your attention. When you ejaculate, you lose a lot of energy that should be used to produce more goods and services. It is also hypothesized that ejaculation takes years of your life.

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Source by Harry Mete

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