The Different Kinds of Female Orgasms That the Experts Don’t Know About

Academics argued for decades about whether or not the female orgasms even existed. Then they “discovered” the clitoris orgasm, but then they said that it had no evolutionary function, just like nipples on men. Then they “discovered” the G spot orgasm. Then they “discovered” the A spot orgasm. The ancient Chinese and Indians have always been aware the multitudes of female orgasm. Western men have always been threatened by female sexuality so they have suppressed it for centuries, especially the female orgasm.

Her Clitoris, G Spot & A Spot Have Evolved To Test Your Sex Skills & Give Her Pleasure.

According to Dr Miller, women have evolved clitorises to distinguish men who give pleasurable foreplay, sex and orgasms. Only men with the physical and mental fitness and attentiveness would be able to crack the code of the clitoris.

According to Dr Helen Fisher PhD University of Colorado (a feminist), Dr Meredith Small PhD University of California Davis and Dr Hrdy, the clitoris has evolved so women can select men who satisfy them the most. Dr Lynn Margulis PhD University of California Berkeley and Natalie Angier (a science journalist for the New York Times) also support this.

The clitoris also assesses men’s ability to move in pleasurable, rhythmic movements during sex.

The choosy clitoris tends to limit its orgasms to a man’s body, mind and personality that a woman is genuinely attracted to.

But that’s not all. Women have also evolved G spots and A spots which only the most masterful of lovers can stimulate.

Most importantly, female orgasms are mostly mental. This is key.

Here’s is a list of the different kinds of female orgasm. The list is not final because there may be more.

A spot orgasm

Clitoris (C spot) orgasm

Back spot orgasm

G spot orgasm

Squirting (female ejaculation) orgasm

U spot orgasm

Anal orgasm

Multiple orgasm

Continuous orgasm

Mixed (blended) orgasm

Whole body orgasm

10 count to orgasm

Orgasm on command

Nipple orgasm

She grows her own penis orgasm

Fellatio orgasm

Skeptical? How could there be that many kinds of female orgasm? How can you actually give them to women?

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