Ten Things You Would Not Want to Miss in New Zealand

The sun, the people, the waters, and the landscape of New Zealand do not seem to fade in the near future. Bike around, feel the sand, test the waters, taste the food, wade around, hike up, ski down, and look around, and be charmed by what New Zealand has to offer. Here's you list, pack your bags, leave your front door, board a plane, and let your adventure begin.

1.) Rainbow's End

This award-winning Auckland theme park was open in 1982 and since then has offered both kids and adults a way to scream their excitation out. Enjoy the thrill, the spill and the twirl in this amusement center while enjoying other amenities like food and conference centers. Just make sure you save enough dizziness if you're planning to go somewhere else.

2.) Buried Village

More than a century ago, a scenic village was destroyed when lava from Mt. Tarawera covered the entire area. All that remains now of the site are the remnants that should never be forgotten. Learn more about the tragedy that lies beneath the now tranquil paths leading to the Buried Village.

3.) Rock Climbing

Ready to take on a vertical adventure with an attitude? New Zealand offers climbing spots scattered all over the islands, including top of the line climbing spots like Wharepapa and Canterbury. Travel all over the country, and New Zealand will make sure you never run out of places to climb.

4.) Waikato

The land of lush green farmlands and flowing hills offer tourist a chance to loosen up, relax and enjoy the scenery after a busy day in urban centers. With only 90 minutes from the capital Auckland, Waikato is a perfect getaway for people who want an escape from the city life. Discover its majestic mountains, mineral pools, falls, caves, rivers, and hills and interact with local people and make your trip to New Zealand a trip to free your mind.

5.) Bay of Plenty

Go to the Bay of the Plenty and experience a day packed with activities, scenery and experience that only New Zealand could offer. One can do kayaking, white-water rafting, parasailing and jet boating along the Bay of Plenty. A chance to play with the dolphins, doing some skydiving, blokarting, trekking on horseback is experience worth the money.

6.) Wellington

Wellington is the center of New Zealand's art and culture. Come and discover the treasures this city has to offer by touring the city on foot, in a coach, or in a chopper, and visit museums, courtyards and even the sight of Lord of the Rings if you want. Wellington also offers a nice place to stay if you want to enjoy nature, and you are a link to leave urban lifestyle behind.

7.) Kaikoura

With the ragged Kaikoura Mountains as a backdrop, Kakikoura boasts natural wonders that transcends the barriers of land and sea. The combination of majestic mountains and undulating waters enable travelers to enjoy trekking and mountaineering as well as water activities like whale and dolphin watching, swimming, and more in just one location. If you're looking for nature, excitement and relaxation, you could go to no better place than Kaikoura.

8.) Skydiving

New Zealand has a way to jack up everyone's adrenalin up. There's a lot of jump sites all over the country, but Taupo holds the title as New Zealand's Skydiving Capital. Imagine a 12,000-foot jump which cost less than US $ 160, requires virtually no experience and is offered by many operators, and you know you have your own adrenal glands pumping.

9.) Milford Sounds

Tired of all too common landscapes that sucks the life out of your vacation? Then try New Zealand's Milford Sounds by traversing religious forests and towering mountains and jumping aboard cruises that will take you to the heart of this majestic environment. Just make sure you hold your chin because you're in for some jaw-dropping adventure you'll never forget.

10.) Marlborough Region

Want to have some Sauvignon Blanc wine while enjoying picturesque environment? Then travel to this northeastern district in the Southern New Zealand Island and get more than just a sip to this exciting spirit. Enjoy the music, learn from the people, traverse the unique landscape, and you're in for a lot of surprises.

Source by Jonathan Williams

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