Swim with the Dolphins in New Zealand

Arguably the most intelligent aquatic species in the world, Dolphins have never ceased to amaze humans with their pyrotechnics. Over the years, Dolphins have established a special bond with the humans and their unique mode of communication with shrilling shrieks can be extremely charming.

The best way of having fun with Dolphins is by joining them in water and swimming along with these natural wonders. Dolphins just love the human company and mostly remain in a playful mood throughout the day. You can easily attract more Dolphins just be feeding them with small fishes. Swimming with a pod of Dolphins is a unique learning experience where you get to learn a lot about these big, yet jovial and social creatures. You can easily indulge in this exciting activity either in a swim bar or out in the wild (ocean).

With over 15000 kilometers of vast coastline, New Zealand is your ideal location to indulge in some exotic Swimming with Dolphins. The country is rich in aquatic wild life habitat and boasts of being the only country home to Hector Dolphin (also known as the New Zealand Dolphin). Hector Dolphin is the worlds rarest and smallest species that is exclusive to New Zealand waters. New Zealand is also home to some other Dolphin species, like Bottle-nosed, and Dusky Dolphins.

There is no dearth of ideal locations to Swim with Dolphins in the warm waters of coastal New Zealand. With the operators spreading all across New Zealand, you will not face any difficulty in finding an ideal one that takes care of all your swimming requirements, as it is an year round activity. Of course, you need to be properly equipped to experience the Dolphin encounters. The wetsuits, masks, and snorkels form an intrinsic swimming wardrobe that will aid you in having a blast of a time with vocal Dolphins. The New Zealand operators will take care to tell you not to harm the Dolphins and indulge in safe swimming that is enjoyable to both you and the Dolphins.

The bonus attraction of Swimming with Dolphins in New Zealand is the occasional sightings of other interesting aquatic species like, whales, seals, penguins, orcas, albatrosses etc. Some of the greatest marine spots for Swimming with Dolphins in the Maori country are located at Bay of Islands, Auckland Hauraki Gulf, Kaikoura, Lyttleton, Akaroa, Manapouri and Te Anau.

You certainly will not want to miss the acrobatic antics of affable Dolphins of New Zealand!

Source by Ken E. Mcleod

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