Spiritual Journey Of An Enlightened Teacher

The first round of awakening flowered on the Friday evening of the 8th May 1992 in Wellington, New Zealand. The release of the first round of the bind of the mind followed upon the footsteps of a life of searching ….

After 18 years of 'spiritual' seeking – in which many energetic changes and revelations had taken place – I had sat down on my sister's doorstep and wept over the realization that for all of these years of searching 'I' had not changed at all. 'I' was still the same old 'shmee' that had begun this trip 18 years earlier, even with all of the 'movements' that had taken place.

With this realization came an obvious notice that there was not a thing that I could do to change that 'status quo'. All of my 'doing' was from the point of the 'doer' – my shmee or 'I' – and no matter what I was going to embark upon, I was trapped and encased by this 'I.' In other words I really really stuck ….. heartfelt weeping …

Two weeks later as I was going about the ordinariness of daily living, the spontaneous grace of the living one shaved upon this mind releasing it from an element – the first round – of the bind of the mind. I laughed ……. this IT was already here – it always has been – my idea of ​​"me" was only a momentary overlaying of this IT with what I thought I was.

Thus began the gradual journey of heart and true self discovery – the new classroom of the Oneness of the divine. Coming to see the beauty and richness of the heart, the true self, and the journey of growing into the oneness of this "you" of who "you" are.

I began teaching around late 2002 – early 2003, as the clarity of the oneness of the divine kicked into gear. The already-ness of the energeticness of this "you" became so factually and self evidently that anyone was completely capable of entering the directness of this "you" if they so desired.

A small group of folk became regular visitors and in mid 2004 we all moved to Patea, New Zealand, to live close together and to sit daily whenever possible. The majority of these folk settled in with the seriousness of their integrity.

During December 2007, one of the group entered into the non returning state of Sahaj.

Julie, my companion, practiced with such diligence that she shacked me by going further than my own level of seeing and being. She entered into the state of the natural man, where the mind that completely governs the mindbody with its ugliness, was transcended.

This cave me a very much needed kick up the pants to get on with the very teaching that I was so used to expounding.

With Julie's dissolution of having a mind informancy to operate by, her mindbody is acclimating to its new way of operating. She also welcomed forth an even simpler clarity of recognizing the true nature of who you already are. My teaching was always a struggle for anyone as it always left too much room for the mind to create a confusion of doubt around.

What Julie has brought forth is an anchor of this "you" that the mind can not do anything about in terms of having you wondering as to whether you are being what is already true of you or not.

Once more we are blessed with an even greater opportunity of directly remaining in and as "that" which encapsulates the beyondness of the all of everything and learning not to make something out of the nothing of this "you".

Source by E. Elysha

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