Spearfishing New Zealand

Hi everyone and welcome to Spearfishing New Zealand. Many people that visit New Zealand leave saying how beautiful our country is, clean and green but many people do not get to see another beauty and that is among the kaleidoscope of colors in our Aquatic Realm.

New Zealand offers some of the best diving in the world with our marine reserves that lay in subtropical waters like the magnificent Poor Knights Islands and there is no other website better than the Dive Planet NZ website that features most of these dive sites with information and pictures of what you can expect to see. If you visit this site just use the search engine provided to seek out your interests.

On To Spearfishing
Then for the more adventurous divers here we have the adrenalin rushing sport of Spearfishing. Taking part in a Spearfishing adventure in New Zealand is like none other as we offer a range of possibilities from the beginner divers able to go out and nail (Spear) a Schnapper or Kingfish. Then if you are a pro you can take on the fighting power of our Blue-fin Tuna from the Deep South or our Yellow-fin tuna that will take you for the ride of your life. Maybe you want to take on the awesome fighting power of the Black marlin? All of this is possible while exploring the stunning waters of New Zealand.

As New Zealand is a tiny nation we only have two main Spearfishing companies with the Ocean Hunter team that is located in Auckland emerging as the leaders for this sport. Here they pride themselves on making your day the best it can be if you are a novice or a pro. Not only will these guys and girls take you diving, they have all the toys for you to purchase at very competitive rates which can all be found at Dive Planet NZ.

Mastering Spearfishing
One of the largest parts of this sport is Breath Hold and having the correct training and capable dive buddy that will watch your back. Shallow water blackout can occur so it is vital to be properly trained and to never exceed your limits. Planning a trip to New Zealand and want to participate in a course? No worries once again just refer to the Dive Planet NZ website as here they do not sell anything; only provide information so visitors to New Zealand can get the most out of their aquatic adventures.

Planning a Spearfishing Trip to NZ
If you are planning on coming to New Zealand and want to be in contact with someone to help you with your plans, feel free to email paul@diveplanet.co.nz as he will take care of all your arrangements for your dive trips at no expense. You see Paul's main focus is seeing divers coming to New Zealand enjoy themselves and become part of the Dive Planet family.

Source by Paul Harold Morris

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