Shipping to New Zealand – Important Information You Should Know Before Container Shipping Overseas

Interested in International Shipping to New Zealand? Important Things to Know

Situated in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand includes several islands including the North Island also called Te Ika-a-Maui, along with Te Waipounamu or the South Island. While the capital of New Zealand is Wellington, the country's largest city and largest shipping port is Auckland. New Zealand is also home to many medium and small shipping ports, some of which include Port Chalmers, Port of Westport, Port of Napier, and Marsden Point.

If you are interested in international shipping to New Zealand, there is some required documentation you will need to get in order in advance. This includes your original passport and some type of proof of residence and employment. You may also need to provide evidence that you transferred funds to New Zealand.

As with most international shipping, you should plan to create a detailed inventory of the items that you are shipping to New Zealand. Make sure to list all of the items that are in each carton and to also document boxes you packaged yourself as "PBO" or packaged by owner. Finally, you will need your customs declaration documentation filled out when you are shipping to New Zealand. This means that you should plan to be in New Zealand before your cargo shipment arrives in the country.

Duty Free Shipping to New Zealand – Rules and Regulations

If you are shipping used household goods to New Zealand, and this includes electrical appliances and furniture, you may be able to ship these items duty-free. Here are some of the qualifications for duty free shipping to New Zealand:

  1. You must either be a resident of New Zealand or intend to be a permanent resident.
  2. You must have lived outside of New Zealand for at least 21 months prior to returning.
  3. You need to have used the goods that you are shipping to New Zealand previously as new items do not qualify for duty free shipping.
  4. The goods that you are shipping to New Zealand must be for personal use only.
  5. You can ship household goods from the estates of the Deceased as long asa copy of the death certificate and will are available for customs officials.

Keep in mind that if your cargo shipment is forwarded to New Zealand before you arrive in the country, the New Zealand customs authority will require a sight entry. This means that the customs officers will inspect the shipment and require a customs duty deposit on the insured value, until you are able to provide proof of entry to New Zealand, at which time the deposit will be refunded.

If fumigation of your cargo shipment to New Zealand is required, you will be expected to pay for the charges of this service. Shipments may also require inspection by quarantine. This is determined during the clearance procedure and if necessary, you will be expected to cover the charges.

Duty Fees When Shipping Cargo to New Zealand

You may be expected to pay duty fees on the items you are shipping to New Zealand. For example, you are required to pay duty fees on any new items that you are shipping.

If you are shipping alcoholic beverages and tobacco products as part of typical household contents, or as part of a collector's cellar, these items may be imported on a duty and tax free basis, as long as you are a first time immigrant to New Zealand or a New Zealand resident returning to the country after having been away at least 21 months or more.

Regulated and Restricted Items When International Shipping to New Zealand

If you are shipping to New Zealand, some items may be highly regulated or restricted. For example, depending on the type, radio transmitting equipment may not comply with New Zealand radio frequency service.

There are also very special rules about shipping firearms and ammunition to New Zealand. Firearms and ammunition is strictly controlled in New Zealand and a Police Permit is required if you are interested in shipping these items. Please note that any firearms and ammunition shipped to New Zealand must be packed separately. You will need to individually list these items on the shipping inventory, and pack it at the front of the shipping container for easy access for customs officials.

In addition, if you are interested in shipping firearms to New Zealand, make sure you contact the New Zealand Police Department upon arrival to obtain the necessary permits. The New Zealand Customs officials will not give you clearance on the total shipment until this required documentation is received from the police.

You are not allowed to ship small firearms or pistols to New Zealand unless you register these weapons with a gun club. Semi-automatic military type firearms are not allowed to enter New Zealand.

Shipping Food Items to New Zealand

If you are interested in shipping food items and agricultural goods to New Zealand, keep in mind that there are some tight regulations. Because of this, agricultural inspections in New Zealand can take a couple of days. If fumigation is required, it may take seven days or more.

Agricultural regulations are enforced for shipping the following:

  • Any type of food
  • Biological specimens of any kind
  • Animals or plants (this includes dead or alive) or any related products
  • Equipment used with animals
  • Feathers, fur, or skin products

In addition, if you are shipping items that have contact with soil, plants and animals, these items will be closely inspected by New Zealand customs officials. This includes things like garden tools, camping tents, vacuum cleaners, baskets, bicycles, outdoor sports equipment.

Items made from bamboo, cane or rattan, regardless of origin, will be thoroughly inspected and it will be fumigated if it is infested.

Please note that wood used for crating your cargo must be free of bark, insects and any sign of fungus. Plan to send a Timber Certificate with your shipping documents. All items of agricultural, animal or food origin, should be clearly identified and loaded for easy access for inspection officials in New Zealand.

Items You Are Not Allowed to Ship to New Zealand

Some items are not allowed to be included in your international shipment to New Zealand. The following items are prohibited:

  • Canned or dried meat, spices, dairy and egg products
  • Honey or any kind of bee keeping equipment
  • Flick knives, swordsticks and knuckledusters
  • Pornographic material is subject to seizure

Usually you are not allowed to ship drugs to New Zealand unless it is required medicine. If you need to ship prescription drugs to New Zealand, they must be accompanied by a doctor's prescription and transported in the original container.

Shipping a Car to New Zealand

If you want to ship a car , motorcycle, scooter, or some other kind of vehicle to New Zealand make sure you are available to attend the customs clearance interview for your vehicle.

Any person taking up permanent residence in New Zealand for the first time can import one vehicle exempt from import license duty fees and GST free as long as the vehicle has been owned for one year prior to departure to New Zealand, will not be sold for two years once it is imported to New Zealand, and is for the customer's own personal use only and not for sale, gift, or disposal in any other way.

If you are moving with a spouse, you and your spouse are both allowed to import one vehicle as long as you both have valid driver's licenses and can provide evidence of personal ownership and use of the vehicle as detailed above.

New Zealand citizens are required to pay customs duties and taxes on all vehicles imported to New Zealand.

Any cars or vehicles shipped to New Zealand must comply with New Zealand Ministry of Transport Vehicle Standard regulations. Restrictions apply to importation of left-hand drive vehicles. Before shipping you must obtain written approval to import from New Zealand's Ministry of Transport.

If you are shipping household goods and personal effects in a container, it is not advisable to ship your vehicle in the container also since problems with release by customs officials or due to quarantine will delay delivery of both your household goods and your vehicle.

Any vehicles you ship to New Zealand must be steam cleaned and spotless before international shipping. You will be required to provide a certificate documenting this upon arrival.

Other information you need for car and vehicle shipping to New Zealand include the following:

  • Provide make, model, year, and current value
  • Passport
  • Certificate of steam cleaning
  • Valid driver's license
  • Original Bill of Sale (showing purchase price and date)
  • Vehicle insurance information and Registration Certificate (to prove the length of ownership)
  • Vehicle log book, service book, or repair accounts (showing further proof of the length of ownership)

If you are shipping household goods and personal items to New Zealand, a professional and reliable shipping shipping company like Cargo Experts will make your experience much easier.

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