Planning a Picnic in a Wellington Park?

The locals say there is nothing like their city on a good day, and that's certainly true down by the waterfront. If you're planning some time outside, perhaps a picnic or just a place to let off some of your children's energy, then think about popping down to the newly redeveloped Wellington Park, Waitangi.

The first area of ​​the park, making up about three quarters of the entire area has recently been fully completed, with the final two areas still in development. This is an area steeped in history, as it was a place used by Maori due to its water access for food supplies. It stands to reason that it continues to be a place people gather, share food and socialise.

Being able to chill out, sitting on grass or a park bench, has to be one of life's simplest pleasures. It's not hard to see why it's a favorite pastime during our long warmer months or a clear winter's day. Take a book, a frisbee and a blanket, and either pack a picnic or pick up some delicious food at one of the food stalls or cafés nearby and while away the day.

One of the best features of the Wellington park is the ability to entertain a range of ages. If you've got young children, they'll enjoy the swings, slides and playground, and the teenagers will like getting their boards out in the skateboard park. Of course there is also plenty room for kite flying, backyard cricket games and the chance to kick around a soccer ball or hacky sack. A basketball court is the perfect addition to all of this, and a great place to enclose a few of your more rowdier teens for an energy burn off, while you enjoy a few read and relax, or play a few games of petanque

If you are a bit of a gardener or just appreciate a beautifully designed garden, be sure to wander near the wetland area that has been planed with natives. This is an environmentally friendly area that will encourage bird life to visit in the appropriate seasons.

Of course no day out in the sun is complete without a visit to the beach and this spot along the waterfront does not disappoint. While it's a beach that has been embellished with additional sand, it's a great place to enjoy the warmth of the sun, and test out the waters, even if you go no further than a few explorative toes.

All in all, there is enough activity to keep you and your family happily occupied all day in the Wellington park, down by the waterfront.

Source by Maria Mouroukis

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