Overseas and Looking for Health Recruitment – Try Wellington

Wellington, New Zealand is home to Wellington Hospital and a number of both private and public hospitals and medical centres which frequently have health vacancies. If you are in the medical profession you may find that finding these particular vacancies can be difficult, that’s why using a health recruitment specialist service based in New Zealand can make your job hunting simple.

Now before we go too much further let me introduce you to Wellington:

– Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city and is well known for its arts and culture.

– The population stands at approximately 423,000 people who are situated within this 290 square kilometre city.

– The climate is temperate but this city is well known for it’s windy days.

– Wellington boasts a stunning harbour with a number of beaches and regional parks along with a hill and forest backdrop.

– The interactive and innovative museum that is Te Papa Tongrewa dominates the waterfront and attracts many visitors from near and far each year.

– The Parliamentary building – The Wellington Beehive – is located in the central business district and is well known for its rotunda architectural features.

– The nightlife in Wellington includes live theatre, music and dance performances along with a number of great dining spots.

– The inter-island ferries leave from the harbour on a daily basis linking the north and south islands.

Now let’s look at why you should use a specialist health recruitment professional:

Using a health recruitment service based in New Zealand is the best use of your time and money if you are serious about finding a health position. They can use their existing systems and the net they have cast both in the country, and overseas to help you find the right vacancy at the right time. They can do this in a more cost effective way than you could, simply because it’s their core service. They use the collective buying power of their clients to seek out people and find the right match.

They are also able to field enquiries and cope with a constant stream of CV’s and application letters, and often have a bank of positions waiting to be filled – which could be the one you are looking for. They are also adept at reading the language of CV’s and finding out what people are really like, helping you where necessary to create a professional CV.

If are looking off shore, they can help you work through all the immigration requirements. Most medical jobs in New Zealand are considered high priority in terms of getting here. It’s a good idea to ask your consultant where they get most of their off shore clients from as you’ll need someone with qualifications that are recognised. They can arrange those checks for you, as well as help negotiate contracts and prepare you for what to expect when it comes to living and working in the New Zealand.

If you do need help with health recruitment in Wellington, it’s a good idea to chat to someone who works only in the heath sector instead of a generalist. They are aware of the medical climate in the capital and can help you network and reach out to find the best person for the jobs you need filled.

Source by Kate Nattrass

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