New Zealand's Capital Wellington Travel Guide

The capital city of New Zealand, Wellington, is a harbor city that has promoted itself as the hub of art and culture in New Zealand. The city is famous for its stunning views of the coastline and the harbor. Wellington is a modern metropolitan city with a touch of New Zealand's natural views. Since, it is the capital city of the country, it serves up the Government with the parliament and other Governmental departments located in the city.

The city is located at southernmost tip of the north island. The city sits at the western shore line of the Wellington harbor. It was destroyed in the horrific earth quake of 1855; since then the city has been rebuilt and more land has been added to the city's landscape. Earth quake has been a problem for city as Wellington lies on various fault lines and is constantly under the threat of another big earthquake.

Apart from quakes, the city has a climate that is windy and most of the locals complain about the constant northwest and southerly winds. In winter months, the temperature remains around 5 to 8 degrees while the summer months it remains stable at 25 degrees. Some snow does fall in the inland areas around the city.

Getting Here
Tourists can get here by plane through the Wellington International Airport. The airport is also a major traveling point for domestic Wellington flyers that can fly to other major cities of the country. Ferries and boats are also a major commute means to and from Wellington. International cruise ships also stop by in Wellington on their regular trips. There are also two major inland roads into Wellington that you can use if you decide to go on a road trip around the city.

Moving Around
Once in the city, you can easily tour the city on foot. The weather remains stable during the summer months which allows for on foot movements. Some of the walking spots renewed are Golden Mile, Willis Street and the Lambton Quay. You can also visit the various halls that have designated pedestrian spaces. The city also has an extensive public bus system and route maps are available through the city. The fares range from $ 1 to $ 4 for the various city zones. Wellington also has the iconic Cable car which runs from the Lambton Quay and Kelburn. Other means of transport are trains, taxis and the ferry service.

People & Social Life
Wellington has a vibrant social life and has various places to visit. You can visit the Te Papa museum which provides a good historical overview of the city. Museum of Wellington City & Sea is also a place to relive the maritime history of Wellington. For an over the top view of the city, you can always visit mount Victoria which offers scenic views of the city.

The city has lots of restaurants and cafés for the locals and visitors. The city has a multi-cultural eating environment with Indian and Malaysian food quite popular. Fish and chips are equally popular and offer a distinct Wellington taste.

Overall, Wellington is a capital city with a natural harbor environment and offers a vibrant insight into the culture of New Zealand.

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