New Zealand White Wine Producing Regions

New Zealand is a very large and exceptionally charming country with countless natural beauty and numerous wineries and various wine making regions. The wine producing regions in New Zealand are some of the best in the world not to mention the fact that they are unique. The most famous of these wine producing regions are Gisborne, Waiheke Island, Hawkes Bay, Martinborough, Wairarapa, Omihi Hills, Wairau Valley, West Melton, and Central Otago.

Malborough and Hawkes Bay are the center of attraction for the ever growing new Zealand wine Industry. These are the oldest wine producing areas of New Zealand and the largest in terms of wine production in the country. This is where the premiere Bordeaux blend reds as well as Syrah, and Malbec are produced. The latest wine to hit this region is Viognier in addition to the famous Savignon Blanc and Chardonnay. A famous and very attractive region for winemakers is Gimblett Gravels which is internationally renamed for its free draining soil as well as higher than normal temperatures when compared to the other parts of Hawkes Bay. The known producers of wine here are Te Mata Estate, Esk Valley and Babich.

Martinborough may be a small village located at the bottom of New Zealand's North Island, its just around an hour's drive from the capital Wellington, but its one of the largest wine producers. What makes this place so great for wine productions is really its unique combination of climate, geology and the fact that people have worked really hard to make this region one of New Zealand's premier wine producing regions in spite of its really small size. However Matinborough produces fewer than two percent of this country's wine produce yet the consumption rates of the wine produced here is exceptionally high. The white wine produced here is bought after the world over.

Matinborough is unique because the vineyards are to a great protected shield from the harsh weather elements but the mountains. The growing season ie from the time they flower to the time they are harvested are among the longest period in New Zealand. The conditions here are naturally breezy which control the vigor of the wine which helps creates lower yield grapes which are high in their intensity. The climate here is cool and have long and dry spells during autumn this is great for ripening of Pinot Noir as well as other varieties like Syrah, Riesling as well as Pinot Gris. There are a fair number of small wineries that produce Cabernet Franc.

New Zealand has many locations and has many styles to offer wine lovers, growers, and producers. Every place in this great country has something different to offer. The white wine produced here is great quality and people around the world can attest to its great texture and taste. The history of white wine making is not old in New Zealand but it's certainly tasty.

Source by George E. Taylor

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