New Zealand by Campervan Or Motorhome?

One of the most thought after information about traveling in New Zealand is the answer to the question what kind of a campervan should we rent? Here is a brief outline of what is available, what it means and how to go about.

But first, why is it a good way to see New Zealand? New Zealand is a truly scenic heaven. Almost anywhere you drive you can find 'undiscovered' land, places you can say "this is what I want to wake up to." The opportunity to stop, relax and enjoy a place far from anyone is right there, so close and welcoming.

New Zealand Holiday Parks are some of the finest in the world. They are spacious, clean, tidy and not expansive. The DOC (Department of Conservation) has some of the best parking spots in the country. These sites offer a 'back to nature' style of camping, providing different levels of facilities at a more than reasonable cost.

What's between a Motorhome and a Campervan? A Motorhome is a house on wheels. The vehicle you will be driving carries with it a place to sleep, a place to cook and eat, a place to take shower and a place 'to do your business.' The smallest version is a 2 berth, suitable for 2 people up to the big 6 berth versions. The Campervan, which is also sometimes referred to as Sleepervan, is the "skinny" version of the Motorhome. It has the facilities to sleep and eat, but no shower and toilet. This may limit your ability to freedom camp, but some rental companies offer to hire a portable toilet. Following is a general outlook on the options. You need to check with the various companies the exact specs. These are just to give you an idea of ​​what is out there.

1. 2 berth campervan – a small size van, sometimes with high roof, with a kitchen and bed. The kitchen facilities vary between rental companies. They all have all the equipment you need to cook with (gas stove, crockery, cutlery etc). If you do not need much room and feel you can better handle a smaller vehicle size as opposed to a larger Motohome size, then the campervan may be the option for you.

2. 2/3 berth motorhome / campervan with toilet & shower – usually the same size vehicle as the skinny option, only with a shower and toilet.

3. 4/6 berth motorhome – the motohomes are luxurious in facilities that provide and really provide a home away from home, with lots of room and storage space, which allows you to never worry about making the bed or where to put your luggage and clothes. This is a good option for traveling families. If the size of the vehicle is not an issue and you are looking to travel in style, this is the option for you.

Some words about freedom camping – keep New Zealand green As the number of people enjoying outdoor recreation rises, the impact on the natural environment is increasing. Fortunately, along with the increase in the number of visitors, a more sensitive attitude to the environment is developing. Unlike many other countries, New Zealand allows free camping without having to be in a camping ground. When you choose your spot for the night, please consider the environment. Treat New Zealand's forests and birds with care and respect. They are unique and often rare. Be responsible when emptying your motorhome toilet and waste water – always use a designated dump station. You can recycle some of your rubbish in clearly marked recycling bins. LoveNZ has put specifically marked bins around New Zealand. By recycling you will help to keep New Zealand 'clean and green' so that we can all enjoy our amazing country.

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