Need A Good Restaurant In Wellington?

If you're visiting the capital and staying for any length of time you'll soon discover that this hub of power looks to make people hungry. The locals love any excuse to eat out, and most evenings the city center is alive with groups of people out, enjoying a meal at a restaurant in Wellington.

Of course if you're a local you can just pick them off one by one and try them all out for yourself. However that's a little tricky if you are not going to be in the city for long. So where do you start?

Logan Brown on Cuba St is a high end, beautiful restaurant that serves award winning food. It's known for its fresh flavors, organic cuisine and award winning menu. It's also a tick for those who love the environment as it practices sustainability; thinking about its stamp on the environment, and how to look after the earth.

Another award winner and a popular choice with food loving tourists, is Martin Bosley's place down at the waterfront. His place, of the same name, specializes in seafood and clean, fresh tastes. This place is a culmination of all that he's wanted to do since the age of nine, and people say they can taste the passion for his food in every mouthful.

If you prefer more ethnic flavors you certainly will not be struggling to find a restaurant in Wellington that can help you. There are many little Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese and Indian ports you can try. Some of these are more established than others and some have very loyal regulars. Little India is a popular, reasonably priced place perfect for gathering together large groups.

During the day there are plenty of places to eat too if you want somewhere a little more casual. Cafe Bastille has fabulous french food, often with a french waiter to serve you. If you're out for brunch then try Floriditas or perhaps Olive, two places that are among the many with lovely fresh food. The hollandaise sauce at Floriditas is well known as the best in town – definitely not from a packet!

Where ever you choose, remember to pick a restaurant in Wellington that reflects your mood, your tastes, your budget and then sit back and enjoy the food, the service and the chance to unwind with friends or family. There sheer range of places gives you the perfect opportunity to go out every night while you're visiting – or if you're a local, will save you having to purchase a fridge!

Source by Maria Mouroukis

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