Moving To New Zealand: Jobs In Christchurch

When most people think of emigrating they are drawn to Australia for a life of sun, sea and employment opportunities. But if head 900 miles further east you reach New Zealand, which offers the same, if not more, than Australia does.

In the 1800's New Zealand saw an explosion of immigrants, which helped the country to thrive, and during the 1950's it had one of the highest standards of living in the world. With a population of around 4.4 million, 53% of people live in New Zealand's four largest cities – Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, and Hamilton. Christchurch is the largest city on New Zealand's South Island, and is located in the Canterbury region of the island. It has a population of around 375,900 making it New Zealand's third most populated city. A hot spot for jobs in New Zealand, Christchurch continues to grow its employment opportunities with civil construction rebuilds demanding more construction workers join the work.

Christchurch are in need of experienced workers to fill the gaps in their civil construction sector, with Quantity Surveyors, Residential Project Managers and Senior Commercial Project Managers most in demand. The demand has been created by two things – one is a lack of native construction workers, and the second is a rise in the amount if construction taking place in the city. There are ongoing road and drainage repairs taking place, plus a massive increase in residential building projects. With a massive $ 2.5 million worth of projects having been approved, Christchurch is full of roadworks and are in need to workers to complete the jobs in hand.

Christchurch has a large agricultural industry as the city is surrounded by farming country. New Zealand's leading agribusiness, PGG Wrightson, is based in Christchurch, and the city has a history of thriving businesses in malting, seed development, wool and meat processing, and dairy farming. Dairy farming has a high use of labor, and with cropping and sheep farms converted to farming, there are plenty of jobs available in this field. Cropping still continues in and around Christchurch, with wheat and barley grown for exporting, and jobs have been created in the processing industries for these crops. There is also a growing high quality wine industry, plus olive growing and deer farming industries too.

Christchurch also has a thriving tourist trade, and its closeness to the Southern Alps – a destination for skiers and snowboarders – sees many tourists stopping off in the city. Christchurch has many hotels, plus a casino and an international airport, meaning that there are often jobs available in these areas too.

With an 81% year on year increase in the jobs advertised in the Canterbury region where Christchurch is located, just goes to show that Christchurch has never been more attractive to people wanting to start a new life down under.

Source by Kirsty Collingwood

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