Flowers of New Zealand

New Zealand is located in south-western Pacific Ocean. This island nation is home to many species of flowering plants due to its dynamic ecosystem and maritime climate. The flowers of New Zealand are unique and astounding. The names of some of the native flowers of New Zealand can be found below.


It is a lovely yellow or golden flower, which grows on the kowhai tree. It is the New Zealand's national flower. 8 species of this flower are native to the country. It can be found grown in gardens throughout the country but grows naturally in the dry areas. All parts of the kowhai tree are used in traditional medicine. They are used as a remedy for cuts and bruises.

Tea Tree Flower

The flowers of the tea tree are white and pink. They completely cover the tree and make it look as if it is covered with snow. The honey from the flower is used for curing various ailments like acne, GERD and ulcers


The striking red flowers of the pohutukawa tree have made it popular as New Zealand's Christmas tree. The blooming period of the flower starts just before Christmas and ends sometime in January. Thus, the first settlers of the area used the flowers for decoration of their home on Christmas. Now, the flowers and the tree have become an important part of Christmas in New Zealand.


Puriri is actually a tree, which has large and colorful flowers. It can be found all over New Zealand. The flowers can be found in many different colors including fluorescent pink, dark red and rose pink. The flower is tube-shaped and brightly colored. The flower can be found on the tree all year round but grow heavily during winters.

New Zealand Rock Lily

This tiny white flower grows in large numbers during the summers. It is a very beautiful and unique flower native to New Zealand. The flower has six petals and its stamen is tri-colored. It is used for medicine and food in New Zealand. Moreover, it has special significance in Maori culture.


Clianthus, which is known as Kaka beak in New Zealand, is a flowering plant cultivated in gardens through the region. It is called Kaka beak because the flower looks like the beak of Kaka, which is a New Zealand parrot. The flower is usually red in color but white and cream colored varieties are also available.

Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not

This flower grows naturally in Chatham Island. It is a pale blue flower with a white rim and occurs from September to October.

Besides these, there are many other native flowers of New Zealand. They include New Zealand Lilac, Mount Cook lily, Mount Cook buttercup and sun orchid.

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