Find a Qualified, Quality Real Estate Agent in Auckland

With the realty market in the nation's largest city starting to become a more viable option for investors, owners are more open than they've been in the past three years to sell property for top dollar. Auckland is currently seeing the highest level of activity in the country, sparking new, positive trends in the region with the market becoming more viable for everyone.

If you're looking to sell in the most competitive property region, you need to have the most competitive agent to get the best prices. Buyers have more opportunities than ever; getting the best price out of them means having quality real estate agents in Auckland on your team. When you're choosing an agent to work with, follow these tips to find someone qualified and successful.

Choose by Company

While some of the smaller agencies in an area will offer you better rates on commission and fees, realize that this is because of the lower level of experience and influence that the company has. Larger realty agencies have access to more resources, place better listings and attract higher quality agents to work for them. If you're looking to get the best price, finding the best agency is the first step.

Working with an agency also guarantees that your agent will be qualified and registered to practice. New Zealand qualifications in realty range from a Certificate in Real Estate Level 4 to a National Diploma in Real Estate Level 5.


Ask friends, family and anyone else that you know what they have worked with in the past and what their experience was. References are a great way to find out information on which companies are performing well in your area and which are not. Find out how long it took to sell the property, if the agent they worked with was professional as well as accessible and if the property sold for the expected price, more, or less.

Look Online

Google search the top agents in your area and spend some time researching the results. Find out which agency has the most listings, look up profiles of local agents and the company's that they represent and see who has the most effective listings for their clients. If you really do not have any idea where to start, a quick search online can give you a nudge in the right direction.

Remember that finding a quality realty agent to work with is the key to making the most from your sale. Look for an Auckland agent with one of the three New Zealand qualifications.

Certificate in Real Estate Level 4
Certificate in Real Estate Level 5
Diploma in Real Estate Level 5

Ensure that they are registered and currently practicing with an experienced and established agency. You'll then be guaranteed a high level of realty experience.

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