Fast Facts About Wellington, FL

Wellington prides itself of being one of the most successfully crafted communities of Palm Beach County. Since its humble beginnings in 1951, the community has grown to be an established area which is glorious because of its rich nature that comes well-balanced with structures like schools and business establishments. Here are some fast facts about Wellington which come handy for you in case you are currently thinking of moving in to this place.

  1. The community was born out of the tracts of land purchased by Charles Oliver Wellington – a successful accountant from New York. That was in 1951. The area did not become a municipality until December 31, 1995 when the residents created a referendum establishing it as one.
  2. On December 31, 2010 – exactly 15 years after its establishment as a municipality, its municipal hall normally opened.
  3. Back in 1953, less than 100 residents join Wellington. Today, it is a successful and well-established community offering rich diversity in terms of lodging places ranging from simple apartments to luxurious homes. According to the 2010 Census, the municipality has about 55 508 residents scattered in about 22 685 households.
  4. The municipality used to be the world's largest strawberry patch known as the Flying Cow Ranch. Today, it is recognized as the world's winter equestrian capital. It hosts carious polo and equestrian activities including the Winter Equestrian Festival apart from other 40 competitions staged annually.
  5. The community is also host to the largest and longest running horse show in the world for three months starting January each year. It is home to about 26 polo matches annually including the auspicious USPA Piaget Gold Cup and Nespresso US Polo Open.
  6. A lot of notable personalities from various fields have Wellington as their hometown such as Madonna, Tommy Lee Jones, and Bruce Springsteen. Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a seasonal resident.
  7. According to 2007 stats, there were about 7 372 firms in the community. Considering the 6-year gap since this last figure became available, you could imagine how much business in Wellington has grown. A typical worker works an average of 40 hours per week.
  8. Typical home in Wellington has 6 rooms, spacious enough to accommodate a large family. Most homes were constructed in 1994 while about 17% of the residences were converted by their owners to rental properties.
  9. Compared to other places in the United States, its cost of living is pegged at 14.20% higher than the country's average.

Source by Desare A Kohn-Laski

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