Cpervanning on the Cheap in New Zealand

New Zealand, also called 'Aotearoa' or 'Land of the Long White Cloud' by the native Maori people. Its a wonderful, beautiful environment with North and South islands offering many relaxing activities to visitors. This warm-temperate, climate provides numerous destinations for a driving holiday. There are coastlines littered with beaches, lush rainforests and volcanoes to name a few. Hiring a backpacker campervan in New Zealand and touring the country is very easy to do because of the incredible natural wildlife that offers an abundant selection for recreation.

The North Island is more industrialized and includes both the most populous city of Auckland 'Tamaki-makau-rau' and the capital city of Wellington 'Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara.' The 'Te Papa' – meaning 'Our Place' – is the national museum of New Zealand, located in Wellington.

The South Island has the well-developed national park system, which includes the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, Tai Poutini Westland National Park and Fiordland National Park. Aoraki means "Cloud Piercer;" it is the tallest New Zealand mountain – popular with mountain climbers – standing 3,754 meters (12,316 feet) high. The Tai Poutini Westland National Park includes scenic lakes, rainforests and glaciers. There are also numerous animals including red deer and chamois. The Fiordland National Park is a popular sight because of its deep fiords dug out by ancient glaciers. Sightseers can view birds, seals and dolphins while communicating with nature.

Since New Zealand is about 2000 kilometers (1250 miles) from Australia, its indigenous flora and fauna have developed in a rather isolated environment. The indigenous 'Pohutukawa' trees are coastal myrtle evergreen trees endemic to New Zealand that have beautiful blooms. Already, a number of animal species have become extinct due to man's invasion of their natural habitat. Surviving oddities include the flightless kakapo parrot and kiwi bird. Along with skinks and geckos, New Zealand also has an ancient lizard called the 'tuatara,' whose name means peaks on the back. Hikers can enjoy their activity with fewer worries in New Zealand because there are no snakes on the islands.

Plenty of sunshine awaits visitors to New Zealand. The lush green foliage is nourished by an abundance of rain that has created a bountiful temperate environment. Movie makers have recognized the beauty of this island paradise in filming "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy and "The Last Samurai" in New Zealand.

Tourists have many great opportunities for wandering in New Zealand; young campervan travelers and backpackers can drive to a local campsite, then strike out by foot to enjoy the natural scenery. Visitors can travel at their own pace, feeling free to explore beautiful New Zealand. There is no need to worry by following any rigid schedule. New Zealand has plenty of time and space for everyone.

Tourists can enjoy the rich Maori culture by watching one of their patented dances. The 'kapa haka' is a challenging song where singers and dancers use fierce glares to intimidate each other. Women move swinging balls in the poi dance.

While bushwalking, visitors can search for the island's popular gemstone, called by many different names: Pounamu, Greenstone or Jade. This green mineral with a silky lustre is great for all types of decorative jewelry.

Booking a campervan offers the most convenient discount travel option for seeing New Zealand. There are many free activities in New Zealand: museums, hiking, birdwatching and hot springs. Driving holidays are definitely an affordable way to spend time in New Zealand.

Source by Hugh McInnes

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