Choosing To Build And Live In Wellington

It's one of the best-rated cities in the world, awarded with the honor of 12th highest quality of living in 2009 by consulting company Mercer. Beautiful views of the harbor, a strong local art and cultural scene as well as plenty of opportunities in business and work make Wellington a popular place to settle for New Zealanders and foreigners alike. It's the political center of the country and one of the more affordable main centers that you can settle in.

Why choose Wellington?

From the center of the city to the beaches that line the Kapiti Coast, Wellington offers a complete and diverse range of living options to suit whatever you're looking for. The capital is the second most popular urban center in the country after Auckland and a prime location to start a business or invest. If you're looking to live in an established and busy region, Wellington has everything that you could want.

Where to live?

Wellington does not just refer to the CBD of the harbor front city – its urban area stretches far further north than many people first realize. Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua are all part of Wellington and each part of the region has its own unique characteristics.

Wellington Central

The central city offers a vibrant and contemporary way of life with plenty of opportunities in work, business and school. Students have gravitated to the tertiary institutions for years; both Massey and Victoria are popular universities where many from all over New Zealand choose to study. This area of ​​the region does come with the highest price tags though; property prices dropped briefly in 2009 but have continued a steady rate of growth since. While Wellington city is the center of activity in the southern North Island, it is not the only place you can choose to build your dream home.

Lower Hutt

To the northern side of Wellington Harbor, Lower Hutt is another popular place to build and live in the area. The city offers lower property prices and a smaller population than Wellington Central. Historically a center for light industry, Lower Hutt has slowly transformed into a commercial, service and retail-driven city over the past two decades.

Kapiti Coast

Porirua and the Kapiti Coast area are fantastic choices if you're looking for somewhere with more space and something a little bit more rural. The short commute to Wellington Central makes it perfect for those who still want to work in the city, while house builders in the Kapiti Coast will be able to help make plans for your dream home come true. The median property price is lower and you'll get far more for your money with larger sections and the beach outside your door. Home to Aotea College, the secondary school that provides for the northern suburbs, as well as Whitireia Polytechnic and not far from the other tertiary institutions in the region, the education offered in the area makes it very attractive for families.

The Wellington region offers plenty of opportunities for families looking to build and start a new life. Whether you're moving from one of the country's smaller towns or relocating from another main center, you'll find that the city offers something unique and exciting. Take advantage of the lower property prices in the outer lying areas and invest in a dream home in Wellington.

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