Choosing And Relocating To Taranaki, New Zealand

Raising a family in New Zealand can be expensive and stressful in the wrong environment. The country's urban centers Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are fantastic places to live, but a higher cost of living and more lucrative property prices demand more work and allow less free time. Young couples looking toward the future that want to own their own home and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle are choosing smaller towns and cities around the country to settle down in.

Raising a Family in NZ – Where to Look?

One of the most beautiful regions in the country with access to beaches, mountains and the award winning city New Plymouth, Taranaki on the west coast is a popular choice.

New Plymouth itself boasts lower real estate costs than other North Island cities like Hamilton and Tauranga with an average property price of $ 300,000. Compare to the average price of $ 735,000 in Auckland's Mt. Eden and Epsom areas, New Plymouth property is an absolute steal.

Freedom and Choice

Unlike a lot of other areas in the country, Taranaki is still a viable option for families who want to build and enjoy seeing their dream home coming to life. Home builders in Taranaki can help you to plan the perfect move into a house that you've always wanted to live in. Areas close to the region's main city like Lepperton, Hillsborough and Hurworth are popular choices for lifestyle blocks with large sections and plenty of room. Raise animals, do a patch of farming or just enjoy a big backyard for the kids.

A Strong Future for Your Family

New Zealand's smaller towns and cities enjoy more stability in property prices and real estate than the main centers, making them a better investment option for the long term.

High schools like New Plymouth Boys 'and New Plymouth Girls' are accessible education options in the central city and with the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki's main campus in New Plymouth central and the University of Wellington just a 5 hour drive away, tertiary education options are readily available when the time comes.

Make the move and create the life you want for you and your family in Taranaki. Own your own land faster and enjoy the option of building your dream home without facing the property prices of the country's urban centers. Find a better lifestyle and more freedom in New Plymouth and Taranaki.

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