Choosing a Suburb to Build in Wellington

New Zealand's capital offers one of the nicest lifestyles in the country. Wellington is a beautiful city steeped in culture and excitement. The capital city of New Zealand is made up of a diverse group of over 60 suburbs, catering for every person and their style of living. If you are thinking about making the move, it's important to choose where in the city you want to live carefully, taking a few different things into consideration.

What's your budget? Where will you be working? Do you have a family? All of these questions are important when it comes to choosing a Wellington suburb to live in.

As you would expect, the closer you move to the central business district, the more expensive things become. This steers a lot of people away from living in Wellington's CBD, but the benefits of remaining close are obvious. Kelburn, just to the west of the central city, has a very upper-middle class demographic. The suburb is connected to Wellington Central by the 800m Wellington Cable car, and is a popular residence for business owners and the legal elite.

South of the city center, Mount Cook and Newtown are popular suburbs due to their relative central closeness and the educational facilities within them. Mount Cook is home to Massey University as well as Wellington High School and Mount Cook School, a state owned elementary school. Because of Massey University and the central location, the area has grown to be very popular for students and in recent years has undergone some gentrification with a number of immigrants and young professionals choosing to buy, rent and build in the two suburbs – especially Newtown.

Johnsonville is perhaps the best place for a young family looking to build a home. The area offers great public transport into the city center, all the necessary amenities, two supermarkets, a shopping mall, the popular high decile secondary school Onslow College and several different schools for children years 1 – 8. The property market is very stable and currently experiencing growth.

Home builders in Wellington are experienced in building in the different and diverse areas around the city, making it easy for you to work with them to achieve your budget. While Wellington is a more expensive city to own a home in, you can rest assured that the market's property prices do not tend to fluctuate too much. Even after the bubble burst of 2008, housing prices in Wellington remained reasonably consistent (some areas even continued to experience growth).

If you are moving to New Zealand or looking for better opportunities outside of some of the country's smaller towns, the suburbs of Wellington are a great option. For a family investment, there are a lot of reasons to build your home in the nation's capital.

Source by Paul C Clarke

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