Benefits Of Lose Weight Exercise

If you are serious and you really want to lose weight exercise is your best option. You can still enjoy many of the foods that you love if you take on a serious workout program that is catered to your specific fitness level and your needs. I have a great strategy that offers the best benefits in the weight loss through exercise approach.

The benefits of a good workout are well-known and numerous. However, for many of us who want to lose weight exercise doesn’t always seem to work very well. There are some reasons for this problem with losing pounds and working out that will be addressed here.

The first thing you want to do is make a plan. Your doctor will tell you that if you want to lose weight exercise has to be part of the routine. Your physician should be consulted before you take on a workout program and this is a wonderful place to start. Not only will you find a good starting point but your doctor may have some dietary suggestions as well.

Once you get the okay from your doctor you can begin your lose weight exercise plan. The approach can be very difficult or it can be quite simple. If you want to burn fat you really want to engage in aerobic activity. Most of us know this. Then why does aerobic activity fail to make us burn fat all the time?

The answer is simple: because we are doing it wrong. First of all, you need to keep your heart rate accelerated for at least twenty consecutive minutes. So, if you are on a lose weight exercise program that runs 30 minutes, you want a five minute warm up, twenty intense minutes and a five minute cool down.

Still not working? Your body is probably burning its immediate sugar stores rather than stored fat. There is a simple approach that will force your body to burn stored fat thorough your lose weight exercise [http://www.BODY-MIND-WHOLENESS.COM] program. This approach will also help you complete an intense workout with relative ease.

You want to use your warm up time as usual but instead of walking or running at a faster pace for a whole 20 minutes, you want to sprint for a mere 30 seconds at a time. Every few minutes you want to add another intense sprint that lasts an entire 30 seconds. Alternate this between a normal pace and you have just reaped the maximum fat burning benefits in your lose weight exercise routine.

Try it. It really works. You can have a more intense workout than you thought that you could through this approach. The best thing about this lose weight exercise approach is that you will see results in the first week, no diet necessary.

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